Rundles transitions smoothly to new enforcement regulations

Part 3 and Schedule 12 of the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 was implemented 8 days ago and Rundles is delighted that the transition from old regulations to new has gone smoothly.

As with any new legislation the first 12 months is crucial, which is why Rundles has introduced additional monitoring and auditing of all staff actions on an on going basis to guarantee compliance. We have also upgraded our monthly management reports that are sent to each of our clients, taking into consideration the requirements of the new regulations and providing real, tangible statistics that will allow us to build upon and adapt our working processes over the coming year.

Chris Rundle, Managing Director says “The continued communication we have had over the last week from both our office and field based staff and local authority clients is encouraging and it’s clear that everyone wants to be fair, transparent and to work together for a better enforcement industry. I know Rundles as a company, and the individual staff we employ, are looking forward to setting the standard for the future of enforcement within local government.”

Welcome To Rundles

Rundles is a 5-star debt recovery agency specialising in council tax, penalty charge notices and national non-domestic rates.

Our team of certificated enforcement agents is one of the largest in the country. Each of them is handpicked for their skills, attitude and approach and given comprehensive training to make sure they continue to deliver excellent collection rates.

Integrity and transparency are vital to us. Our clients’ accounts are fully audited by an independent Top 20 accountancy firm and Dun & Bradstreet recently gave us a 5-star rating, which means the condition of our business is superior to other firms in the industry.



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